About Us

MCI is a Minnesota company that develops state of the art building automation systems. It was founded by a member of the Women Business Enterprise, Mary Borns, who has been in the HVAC industry since 1990. And is the result of many years of dedication, she founded Minnesota Controls, Inc in 2008.


By making their costumers, employees and providers their stakeholders and consider them in every decision, they make temperature control seamless. Making MCI a preferred contractor in property management companies, general contractors, mechanical contractors, engineering firms and building managers.


The Minnesota Controls team is determined to anyone who owns a property with their system  to never feel trapped into using one or two contractors. That is why only them promote the most open serviceable systems in their most open configurations.






                               Experience, Integrity and Dedication.

                      Our experts will deliver results.

 Founder- CEO

 Mary Borns

Why you should choose Us ?

Designed for change.

MCI features truly open integration solution. The Honeywell WEBs platform eliminates costly future systems change out and enables cost effective new technology upgrades.



Easy Access.

Web enabled technology allows sophisticated, secure remote access. Systems support SSL and TLS encryption, LDAP, configurable strong password requirement, login expiration and lockout features.



Increased Flexibility.

Minnesota Control, Inc interfaces with the most communication protocols without the need for a gateway. Protocols include but are not limited to BACnet, LONWorks, MSTP, Modbus, Cbus, Mbusm, Johnson N2, SNMP, Barber' Colman/Invensys/ TAC ASD, DMS, Siems TEC Apogee, Trane iComm 3-5, andover infinity, American Auto' Matrix PUP and PHP.








Open Serviceable.

Honeywell WEBs and Tridium Niagara AX have the largest local, national and international dealer network, ensuring a lifetime of cost effective choices and service support.




Service & Support.

Minnesota Controls, Inc provides quality service and support.

5114 Hillsboro Ave North

      Minneapolis, MN